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Aztec Anglers provides three types of float trips on the San Juan River.

Bill with a Giant Rainbow in the Upper River
Quality Water Float and Wade Trip

 The quality waters float is a great way to fully experience the San Juan.  This 3 mile float will take you through multiple runs of deep pools and riffles.  This section boasts 7000 trout per mile that average 17-20" inches in length.  Put in at Texas Hole and work your way through Three Island Run, Lunker Alley, Lower Flats, Baetis Bend and Duranglers Corner.  Nymphing, Dry Flys, Foam Ants and Streamers will all take fish in this section.  There is also many spots to get out and wade on this float.

Wade trips above Texas Hole and the stretches above allow clients the solitude they look for as well.  This section has it all.


Full Day Single $ 450  2 Person $ 550 3 Person Wade Only $ 525

Half Day Single $ 275 2 Person $ 425

Chip with a nice Hopper eat
Summer PM Hopper and Streamer Float

Can you make long accurate casts?  Do you dream of taking fish on big dries and streamers?  Than this float is for you.  This float is for advanced fishermen only as you need to bang the banks and turn over big flies with streamers to fully enjoy this float.  Floats begin at 2-3 PM and end after dark. 

This float provides a great change of pace from nymphing and staring at indicators all day and gives you the opportunity to take 20" fish with ants, hoppers and small dries.  If the fish are not looking up, streamers will take fish as well.  A great way change of pace trip from traditional San Juan techniques.

Summer trips only high season to October 1st.


Hopper PM Float 2 Person $ 600.  Single $ 550.

Another great fish on the Hopper
Lower River Float Trip

The Lower River float begins in Navajo Dam and finishes at the Hammonds take out for a full 11 mile float.  Only full day trips are available on this float and PM starts work better for taking fish.  This float is through private water in an area of the water that is pristine and has no public access.  Beautiful stretches make this stretch feel like a freestone river.  Big browns lurk in holes here and can be coaxed up with big dry flies and streamers.   Average fish are a bit smaller than the quality waters fish but Caddis, PMD and Baetis hatches are present.  Another great option and section of the San Juan that not many anglers do and it provides a great change of pace from the Quality Waters section.  Flows above 600cfs required. 


Full Day Only Float.  2 Person $ 600.  Single $ 500.

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